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Be Inspired / Communi’Tea

Every company, no matter how small, can make a difference. In these past few years we’ve been fortunate to grow our company globally, and now we're happy to give back. We started from scratch, and we are grateful to be able to help others do the same.

We believe that every small business can be inspired to contribute to its local or global community, in a way that is uniquely valuable and fitting. Philanthropy doesn’t even require extreme wealth; seemingly-small acts of charity can have far-reaching effects to benefit an entire community across the globe.

At Sencha Naturals, our particular contribution is our line of Communi’Tea Green Tea Mints. By partnering with, 100% of profits from our Communi’Tea Mints goes directly to various entrepreneurs in the second and third world. With this ongoing micro-finance program, we hope to promote self-sufficiency, create business opportunities, and bring individuals & families out of poverty.

Your purchase of Communi’Tea Mints helps directly fund the business needs of the less fortunate. Stay tuned to find out the entrepreneurs that our Communi’Tea Mints are supporting, which will be hand-picked together as a company.

Feel free to join our SEN CHA Communi’Tea Team and become involved in the easy, transparent lending process. Click below to learn more about