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Our Journey

The story of SEN CHA

Sencha Naturals was founded by David Kerdoon after an inspiring trek through Asia in 2001. During his journeys throughout the region, he discovered the numerous benefits of green tea, was educated on its cultivation, and learned of the extensive research being conducted on this fragile yet potent plant called Camellia sinensis. He was particularly intrigued by the “Sencha” variety of green tea, in which the leaves remain intact and impart a distinctly fresh flavor.

Upon returning to the United States, David noticed green tea was limited to its consumption as a beverage, whereas Asian merchants infuse it into a wide variety of edibles & personal care products. In an effort to enlighten the western world to green tea's versatility, he collaborated with herbalists, food formulators, tea masters & connoisseurs, and thus Sencha Naturals was born.

The goal was to create a socially-responsible company that implemented this potent herb into unique and functional products. Three years of trial & error finally resulted in success: the world's first Green Tea Mints. The original SEN CHA mints have evolved into a variety of natural flavors & formulas, and are continuously being improved to ensure highest product quality, community responsibility, and environmental sustainability.

The next phase of the journey involves extending the SEN CHA line to include other green tea edibles and natural care products. We hope you have enjoyed sharing our journey; thank you for being a part of it.


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