Say Hello To Coconut!

Say Hello To Coconut!

We've officially launched our newest line of green tea mints sweetened with organic coconut sugar at Fancy Food San Francisco. Packaged in attractive, eco-friendly cardboard tubes, the new mints feature a softer texture and exotic herb, tea and spice notes. Our signature line of natural sugar-free mints will still be available in our green window canisters.

Like our other products, the new mint line is made with “better for you” ingredients. Unrefined coconut sugar boasts a low glycemic index and trace minerals, while matcha is high in antioxidants and freshens breath naturally with its antibacterial properties. We’re really excited to be working with Big Tree Farms, our coconut sugar supplier for both the new mints and our vegan green tea lattes. We admire their commitment to promoting fair trade wages, sustainable living and an organic lifestyle.

Check out the new flavor lineup:

Original: Vegetal green tea with rich, sweet coconut, truly the perfect matcha in mint form.

Ginger Lemongrass: A mint with a spicy kick (and anti-inflammatory properties too!).  Zesty ginger heats up the senses while it’s lemongrass counterpart provides a citrusy, sweet finish.

Cardamom Cinnamon: Warm, spicy cinnamon and pungent, aromatic notes of cardamom- a cinnamint with an herbal twist. If we had to choose a Sencha favorite, this would be the one.

Sage Peppermint: Our unique twist on the ‘curiously strong’ mint.  Fresh peppermint and earthy sage form the strongest alliance to fight dragon breath.


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Brand Buddy Collaborator


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