Ice Ice matcha!

All of your favorites over ice! 

We add matcha to just about anything! Smoothies, acai bowls, even brownies! But when the weather is sweltering, we like to escape the heat of the kitchen and get a little more creative with the ways we incorporate matcha into our daily routines. Preheating ovens in July is not how we want to spend those hot summer days!

While you’re relaxing on your days off, take your matcha latte to the beach to chill out. Choose from on the rocks or blended, pour into your favorite stainless steel tumbler and you’re out the door. Our favorite smoothie recipe for a relaxing beach day can be whipped up in a matter of minutes!

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Matcha Lattes on the Rocks! 

Some like it hot, but we prefer it ice cold! That’s why we love the versatility of our matcha latte mix. Change the way you enjoy your matcha with the seasons. Stay cool with one of our Everyday Matcha Latte flavors chilled to perfection on a hot summer day.

For summer, we especially enjoy our mango matcha latte mix. Mango Matcha will transport you so you feel like you’re hanging out on your own island, complete with a drink in hand. Blend it in your favorite stainless steel mug for ultimate chill during the day and don’t forget to pack your reusable straw!

Some summer days simplicity is best, which is when we reach for our original flavored matcha! Packed with antioxidant goodness, our original matcha flavor is the perfect transition between seasons. It blends as well as our mango for an ever-refreshing mid-afternoon pick me up during heat waves. Who knew matcha could be so refreshing and healthy at the same time?

Along with its deliciously refreshing flavor over ice, we never use artificial sweeteners in our matcha mixes. Sugary drinks won’t help quench your thirst during the day - which is why we only use unrefined coconut sugar. You’ll feel refreshed and full of energy!

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Energy+ Hydration + Immunity! 

Take all that newfound energy and use matcha to fuel your workouts! Our wellness beverage is the perfect hydration drink to either drink before your workout if you’ve been in the sun all day or to start the day off right! Our Green Tea +C blends hydrating coconut water powder to quench your thirst and keep you feeling hydrated all day long. With vitamin C and matcha, you’ll have unmatched energy without the jitters. Shake it up with ice for the ultimate pre-workout!


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Matcha with a Twist! 

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Amanda Borodaty
Amanda Borodaty


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