December 01, 2017


‘Tis the Season for Giving!

While you’re decking the halls and prepping for a whirlwind holiday season, you’ll realize that there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Before the holidays are here, don’t forget to make your list and check it twice. We think you’ll find the perfect matcha for everyone on your list. 

Each year, we like to get together and round up our staff favorites to make the crazy holiday season seem less daunting so that you can enjoy more of what matters—time with family and friends! While delicious meals and sweet treats are afoot, from matcha lattes to mints, we provide healthy alternatives to keep your energy up, your focus alert, and your health a priority. Shop our gift guide.

From staff picks to Secret Santa gifts, here are a few of our favorites from the collection of delicious matcha gifts. They’re gifts with the perfect matcha in mind!

For the Office Secret Santa

Huge Hit: Everyday Matcha Gift Set

Our Everyday Matcha Latte gift set is perfect for those who are new to matcha but have been wanting to try it. Gift it during your next company holiday party. Getting the office hooked on matcha is easy when the Everyday Matcha kit comes complete with everything for a hot, frothy cup of matcha fit for a Japanese Emperor.

Complete with a stainless steel whisk, 1 oz Everyday Matcha packet, and a bright matcha green mug, it’s the perfect replacement to your coworker’s morning coffee routine.

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For Your Matcha Partner in Crime

They’ll love: Teapot Gift Set

Whether it goes on their desk at work or on the end table in the living room, the Teapot Gift Set is the perfect gift for your matcha loving friend. Our gift set comes complete with a hand-blown glass teapot and four of our favorite mint flavors. The teapot is easy to refill—simply remove the lid and fill with the mints you want to share.

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Stocking Sized Matcha

Perfect fit: Eco-Tube Gift Set

Not only do our Matcha Mints harness the power of matcha into tiny mints, but we package them in our Eco-Friendly tubes. Made from 100% recycled material, these tubes are great for the environment for their entire life cycle, even post use! Packed inside, you’ll have a collection of favorite matcha flavors to try from ginger lemongrass to cardamom cinnamon.

Our Eco-Friendly Gift Set comes with eight tubes. It’s the perfect to gift together or for a small thinking-of-you gift this holiday season!

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Fan Favorite Green Tea Mints

We love: Canister Gift Set

Complete with some of our original favorites, the Canister Gift Set is perfect for your boss, your mother-in-law, or anyone else on your list you’re not quite sure what to gift this season!

Our Matcha Mints are antioxidant powerhouses, with green tea aiming to help improve focus, provide more energy, and fight free radicals. Plus, the gift set comes complete with six different mint flavors to try. It’s all wrapped up and ready to gift!

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Check out our Holiday Gift Guide

We have more gifts to give this holiday season, check out our Holiday Gift Guide for all gifts that are 15% off from now through the end of December! 

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November 01, 2017


Give the Gift of Wellness!

Green tea is one of our favorite gifts, so we’ve put together the ultimate gift-giving guide! Complete with staff favorites and our best sellers, there’s a delicious green tea gift perfect for everyone on your list. ‘Tis the season for giving! Scroll down to see our favorites!

First time you're gifting matcha:

If this is the first time you’re gifting matcha, our Everyday Matcha gift set comes with the perfect essentials to get started with matcha. With our matcha mix, stainless steel whisk, and a matcha green ceramic cup, you can perfectly froth your matcha and enjoy, just like Japanese royalty. The perfect gift for a long time matcha lover or for someone just venturing into matcha, this gift set will get them prepared. Plus, our matcha can be enjoyed hot or cold! No special skill set required, just the matcha gift set is all that's needed.

We like: Everyday Matcha Gift Set
Comes with 1oz Everyday matcha packet, (good for 20 servings) whisk, and ceramic cup.

For the one who’s always on-the-go:

Whether for travel or pleasure, there's someone on your list that's constantly on the move. For them, convenient gifts are the perfect addition to their nomadic lifestyle. Our mint gift set provides a variety of different Sencha favorites to try, all in a perfectly sized canister that's great to slip into a backpack, purse or carry-on bag.
Our Sugar-free mints are naturally sweetened, plus, they're getting their daily dose of wellness with all the powerful antioxidants and nutrients in matcha. We enjoy our mints so much, that you may want to grab one for yourself.

We like: Mint Canisters
Comes with 6 flavors in our stylish matcha green mint canisters. Flavors include Original, Tropical Mango, Pink Dragonfruit, Moroccan Mint, Bombay Chai & our Artisan Edition Cherry Blossom!

For that friend who loves the environment (& matcha):

Our eco-friendly mint tubes are the environment's best friend. So naturally, these are the perfect gift for your best friend who loves sustainability. Our eco-friendly mint tubes are made from recycled material and are durable enough to be refilled many times over.

We like: Eco-Tube Green Tea Mints
Comes with coconut sugar sweetened green tea mints in our eco-friendly tubes. Flavors include Original, Ginger Lemongrass, Cardamom, Cinnamon & Sage Peppermint. Perfect for the season.

Wrapped Up and Ready to Gift!

Giving is our favorite part of the season, but we know that it’s hard to find the perfect gift sometimes. Our gift sets come with a variety of flavors so that you can gift the whole package! That’s why our gift sets are 15% off this month.

We like: Gift Sets
Comes with coconut sugar sweetened green tea mints in our eco-friendly tubes. Flavors include Original, Ginger Lemongrass, Cardamom, Cinnamon & Sage Peppermint. Perfect for the season.

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September 30, 2017


Tea, Spice and Everything Nice!

Spiced Up for Fall

Fall brings new colors to trees, cooler weather, and the rapid approach of the holidays. With the changing of the leaves, brings out our favorite fall spices. It's just the flavor switch you need to get you in the spirit of fall. Pumpkin, cardamom, ginger and so many more fall spices have arrived to spice up your palate. Plus, you'll be able to support your body and healthy habits with no chemical additives, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients!

Latte Lovin’

Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, cardamom, peppercorn, turmeric We love enjoying a hot latte during colder weather. Piping hot steam drifting out of your cup carrying a delicious fall scent, a mixture of all your fall favorites. The inviting warmth of a perfectly crafted latte is much needed when the weather takes a dip towards the cooler temperatures. Our finely ground matcha powder creates the perfect pair to mix in with our delicious fall spices. Bombay Chai and Pumpkin Spice are top picks for fall days. A favorite tip is combining Bombay Chai with your favorite milk to mix up a creamy Bombay Chai Latte. If Pumpkin Spice is what you look forward to every fall, sip happily knowing there's no artificial ingredients or chemicals. Just pure matcha latte goodness.

Spiced Sweetness

Fall spices can be sweet too. Our green tea mints are perfect to slide into your jacket pocket during cool fall mornings. One green tea mint after lunch or before a meeting can help prevent dragon breath from interrupting your day! These spiced green tea mints come with a sweet surprise, coconut sugar! Coconut sugar is unique in that it’s low glycemic levels will keep your blood sugar from spiking. In turn, this prevents you from feeling the crash midday. As with all our ingredients, coconut sugar is natural. Nothing processed about it, just sweet unrefined coconut sugar. This time, with a bit of spice, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger lemongrass. Fall just got sweeter.

No Sugar, More Spice

There’s something for everyone, which is why we’ve created the perfect spiced fall green tea mints, minus the coconut sugar! Still just as delicious but more of an emphasis on the spice, our fall inspired flavors in our Green Tea Mints brings fall into one tiny mint. If sugar-free is what you're searching for, enjoy Yuzu Ginger mints or Bombay Chai. Yuzu provides a tart citrus and floral flavor, while ginger adds a perfect warm spice to contrast. Plus, ginger is naturally great for fighting inflammation. Bombay Chai tastes just like our lattes in mint form. It'll be hard to just enjoy one mint!

Fall Pick-Me-Up

Drop the sugary, fizzy Vitamin C drinks. With colder weather brings strong germs. Sugar only feeds these germs instead of helping you fight them off. Our Green Tea +C combines powerful antioxidants with vitamin C to get your immune system ready. We source our vitamin C from acerola cherries. Don't be fooled by their small size, these cherries pack in (10x) the amount of vitamin C compared to an orange. When we mix this power with the antioxidants in green tea which can help support healthy immune functions and combat inflammation, you’ll be feeling your best. Even better, you can smell those delicious fall spices! Citrus Ginger Green Tea +C is a delicious blend of summer and fall, serve yourself up a gingery warm and citrusy bright cup of tea. with a bit of a kick from the ginger. We’ve spiced up our flavors and they'll have you tasting the fall season. 15% off our Fall Spice collection now through the end of the month.

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B The Change, Volunteer!

Giving Back!

Part of our mission and why we became a B Corp, is because we agree with the idea that we should give back, make our community better and be a positive force and influence for change. A part of that is donating to causes that are near and dear to our hearts, but also getting out in our community and physically putting in the time and effort to give back. 

Kindred Spirits Care Farm

In July, the Sencha Naturals team set out to volunteer for an amazing non-profit called Kindred Spirits Care Farm. The mission of Kindred Spirits Care Farm is to promote compassion, cooperation and connection to the earth, animals and each other through sustainable care farming. They do this in part by maintaining and creating care farms. A care farm is where people are welcome to come and heal by participating in farm activities in whatever way they can. The very act of participating, being included, being in nature, and having a meaningful task to accomplish can be incredibly healing.  Kindred Spirits aims to offer this to kids, to veterans, and people recovering from physical illness and many others.

For the day, Sencha was able to volunteer at Canoga Park High School, a High School in Los Angeles Unified School district that is revamping its dated agricultural program to focus more on STEM and veterinary sciences, meaning the students will be able to learn how to care for the animals properly.

That was a lot of Mulch!

It feels great to accomplish something that will help these student learn and make them happy when they come back to new and improved facilities. We spread mulch over a large area that would become the pen for animals such as pigs and goats. In addition to moving a mountain full of mulch, we also cleaned and threw away garbage and debris, and planted a tree that would shade the pen. Looking back on the experience for everyone, it was very hot, tiring and a lot of work, but overall we had a good time and we were proud of what we accomplished together!

Volunteer or get involved with Kindred Spirits!

We hope to volunteer more with Kindred Spirits in the future and see how the farms improve! If you want to volunteer, Donate or go to any of their local events, visit the Kindred Spirits Care Farm website. Karen The executive director was helpful in coordinating the volunteer opportunity and we can tell she loves doing what she does and loves the animals. 


September 01, 2017


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Matcha is the heart & soul of all our products

Where it all Began

Our love for matcha was inspired by the travels and goals of our founder, David Kerdoon. While traveling through Asia, David immersed himself in the culture. While there, he was inspired by the extensive use of matcha in Japan. David began to think of different ways this could be integrated into unique products he was seeing all the benefits that matcha had firsthand. Upon returning to America, he noticed people were really only drinking green tea. They were missing out on so many more potential benefits!

But what is matcha? Matcha is shade grown green tea where the bright green leaves are steamed, dried, and then ground into a fine powder. This results in matcha retaining all its nutrients and, due to its powdered state, being incredibly versatile as well. The end result is getting your matcha green tea fix anytime, anywhere, with ease and convenience.  Since then, we are happy to incorporate matcha into so many great products that we love.

Green Tea Mints

Have you ever met a mint without sugar? If you haven't, then you've yet to try our sugar-free Green Tea Mints! Green tea helps to fight bad breath and helps to prevent the bad breath from returning! Our mints don't need artificial sweeteners to be powerful—they pack a mighty punch to dragon breath on their own! Artificial sweeteners can spike your blood pressure and leave you craving more sugar throughout the day. The only side effect our mints have are fresh breath and the benefits of green tea. Plus, we think you're sweet enough.

Green Tea Mints sweetened with coconut sugar

Fresh breath is important. Whether you’re in a meeting, hanging out with friends, or on a first date, you’ll want to have fresh breath. When mints have too much-added sugar, it outweighs the benefit of fresh breath. Our matcha green tea mints were formulated to ditch the sugar that doesn’t help, but we added in sugar that gives our mints a sweet taste yet still is a good treat for you! Unrefined coconut sugar has a low glycemic index which means they won't spike your blood sugar but help to add a sweet finish to our mints.  

Matcha Lattes

Matcha Lattes have continued to be a fan favorite throughout the seasons ever since its initial launch. We always keep our recipe simple by ditching all of the added preservatives, artificial ingredients, and added sugars. We believe whole nutrition is the best treat for your body. Plus, all that sugar will spike your blood sugar levels, leading to sugar crashes later on in your day! Instead, the only sugar we use is unrefined coconut sugar. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness. In fact, unrefined coconut sugar has a low glycemic index so it won't spike your blood sugar label

Our favorite part about our lattes? Delicious flavors and the choice to drink hot or cold. Depending on your mood or the weather, it’s in your hands what morning matcha latte you’ll create.

100% Japanese Matcha Powder

Our matcha powder is one mighty mix that you can add to a variety of creations. Although we’re a fan of sipping traditional matcha tea with nothing added, matcha powder can be used for so much more. Our premium grade organic Japanese matcha powder can be enjoyed simply or used in your favorite latte. Our culinary grade matcha powder is perfect for adding an interesting twist to any of your favorite recipes. Matcha brownies? Matcha pancakes? The sky's the limit for what you can make.

Green Tea+C

Before you reach for a fizzy immune booster, watch out for hidden artificial sugars! Our first ingredient is organic matcha green tea, not sugar. We believe that nutrition should come from whole food ingredients, not synthetic vitamins. Your immune system craves vitamins and nutrients that you can’t get from fizzy drinks packed with sugar. Green Tea+C is made with whole leaf green tea, acerola cherry, and supporting herbs to help you stay well. Stay hydrated and healthy the natural way.

Best Quality Ingredients

As always, our products are always vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Whole food nutrition is not only delicious but the best for your body, which is why we only use the best quality ingredients for our products. Save 15% sitewide from now through September 30th.

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Introducing our New Matcha Iced Tea Lemonade!

Creative in the Kitchen

Over the years we've found that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Between perfecting our original recipes to creating new ones, the fun in the kitchen never ends for us. All those hours getting creative brings about new ideas all the time. So when we find a recipe that works, we can’t wait to share it with you.

Just in time for the summer heat, we've remastered a childhood summer favorite, lemonade! For a limited time, we’re introducing our artisan edition Matcha Lemonade. This artisan edition seasonal drink mix is designed for those scorching summer days for a refreshing twist on our favorite classic lemonade mix drink. Pour, stir, sip and enjoy. Lemon powder and matcha powder blend together to create a tart refreshing drink with just a hint of sweetness. Enjoy this blend on ice to beat the heat.

Homemade taste in an instant!

When you were young, lemonade stands were the talk of the town. It was a fun way to create something yourself and earn a little spending money! But, when we were kids, we had much more free time to enjoy. Now that our lives have become busier it’s limited the time we’re able to spend in the kitchen. Although making your own homemade lemonade is fun, it takes a lot of work and time when you’d rather be outside enjoying the sun. Instead of sacrificing the homemade taste with a chemical alternative powder mix, we’re bringing the homemade taste to your kitchen. Grab your favorite mason jar, matcha lemonade mix, and some ice for a refreshing afternoon wellness boost. You'll get more fun in the sun and a break for your lemon juicing arm!

We kept our mix without chemical additives, excess added sugar, and preservatives that are bad for you so you can drink our mix with no worries. In fact, our mix is the perfect blend of tart and sweet, with none of the added extras! We keep true to our matcha roots by blending our natural lemon powder with matcha powder, keeping the taste light but the nutrients heavy. While you're enjoying the flavor burst of lemon, you're sipping down the powerful health benefits of matcha powder. We’re talking boosts of antioxidants, an immune boost to support a healthy immune system, and a boost to your energy level. That makes our Matcha Lemonade a great morning or afternoon pick-me-up that also includes some amazing health benefits. Because of the good, clean energy matcha supplies your body you won’t be left feeling jittery or anxious so you can start your day off ready to take on anything!

Sweet, tart, and deliciously healthy, our artisan Matcha Lemonade won't be around for long. Shop on our website and add a refreshing splash of wellness to your hot summer days!

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Summer of Mango

A tropical getaway for your taste buds

If you love warm tropical beaches, our tropical mango flavor can transport you there! Vibrant, juicy mango brings the sandy summer beaches to you wherever you are. Maybe you’re in the office during the day? A cool, refreshing iced mango latte is just what you’ll need to fight off the afternoon slump. Or are you on your way to visit with friends? Green tea Mango Mints give your breath a tropical freshness and a great flavor to enjoy. Whatever your summer brings, you can always enjoy the refreshing taste of our Tropical Mango lattes and mints. 

Don’t limit your tropical daydreams to the pool or beach. Bring the tropical beaches with you on the go! Fight dragon breath and enjoy a good for you treat during your long summer days and busy social life. Our mints are great for after a lunch with co-workers or before a night out. Best yet, they combine the flavors of tropical mango with matcha green tea so you’re getting all the benefits of matcha with your favorite tropical flavor. Our canisters can slide easily into your beach bag or work bag so whether it’s the weekend or another Monday, you’re ready to go. If you’re traveling, keep your mints in our resealable mint packets! You get more mints for your money, plus the resealable packets help keep your mints fresh and protected from all the elements. Our resealable mint packages are our favorites for traveling and especially if you’ll be traveling to anywhere with blue waters.

Our green tea mints pack the benefits of green tea perfectly blended with the juicy mango flavor. Matcha delivers a powerful antioxidant punch. Antioxidants are important for our health because they fight free radicals in your body. Free radicals are unstable and can create negative reactions in the body- including attacking the collagen in our bodies (think wrinkles!). One cause of free radicals is from the sun, which is what you want to enjoy all summer long! That’s why matcha’s antioxidant properties make it such a strong contender in adding to your daily dose of wellness. In addition to keeping your breath fresh, you can help your body ward away free radicals- it’s a win-win!

Sitting poolside in the warm summer sun pairs perfectly with an iced cold drink. Instead of reaching for sugary juices or chemical laden sodas, grab an iced matcha latte. Refreshingly cold, iced matcha lattes perfectly blend as your stir together your favorite tropical drink. With our matcha lattes, we use unrefined coconut sugar, and natural ingredients so you can enjoy a better-for-you, tastier alternative that's vegan too! If you don’t want your drink on the rocks, maybe blended is more for you. Simply mix some ice, our matcha latte mix, and water to create a refreshing blended drink. Our matcha latte powder blends smoothly so you feel like a professional barista as you’re mixing in the kitchen. Take your drink poolside and imagine you’re on the beaches of an island, sipping a refreshing latte infused with tropical mangos. It’s the perfect escape! 

One of our favorite parts about our matcha latte mix is getting creative in the kitchen. With hot summer days, we’ve been finding creative ways to cool down our lattes. Check out one of our summer favorites:

Frozen Tropical Mango Smoothie
1 packet of Tropical Mango Matcha Latte
¼ cup of frozen fruit of your choice (we like a tropical medley like mangos, pineapples, strawberries, bananas, or peaches!)
Several ice cubes  (depends on how thick you want the smoothie)
¼ cup of water, milk or dairy substitute
Mix it up:
Mix all of the ingredients together in a blender, blend until smooth and enjoy!
For the month of July, enjoy 15% off all Tropical Mango flavored products so that you can feel like you’re on a tropical vacation every day.


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