Tea & Spice, and Everything Nice!

Pure herbal extracts sweetened with coconut sugar.
A matcha made in heaven!

Say Hello to Coconut!

The first breath mint sweetened with coconut sugar. Unlike other mints that use refined sugars and/or artificial sweeteners, we keep with our promise of better for you ingredients. Unrefined coconut sugar boasts a low glycemic index and includes trace minerals.

Sencha Naturals

Green Tea Mints Sage Peppermint

Ice Breakers Mints

Sugar Free Wintergreen


Tea & Spice Blends

We’ve blended pure essential oils with our signature matcha green tea to create a line of ‘curiously tasty’ mints!

Original: Vegetal green tea with rich, sweet coconut, truly the perfect matcha in mint form.

Ginger Lemongrass: A mint with a spicy kick. Zesty ginger heats up the senses while it’s lemongrass counterpart adds just the right amount of sweet aromatics.

Cardamom Cinnamon: Warm, spicy cinnamon and pungent, aromatic notes of cardamom-a cinnamint with an herbal twist. If we had to choose a Sencha favorite, this would be the one.

Sage Peppermint: Our unique twist on the ‘curiously strong’ mint. Fresh peppermint and earthy sage form the strongest alliance to fight dragon breath.


Our packaging is a great compliment to the agricultural sustainability of coconut sugar.  We've made our Eco-Tubes™ fully biodegradable, including the label and even label adhesive, so you can support our efforts to make products from natural sources in a sustainable manner.