Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your green tea from, and has it been tested for radiation?

Our organic matcha comes from the Shizuoka region in central Japan, about 300 miles south-west of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. The weather systems travel east, away from Shizuoka. Regardless, our matcha has been independently tested and passed safety measures for radiation and no batch has ever failed any of the tests.

Moreover, the FDA screens and tests all food products imported from Japan. They have updated information on their website:

We source our matcha green tea from Japan because they have strict agricultural and organic guidelines. Whereas some other countries have too much pollution and pesticides that make their way into the tea. So we hope that makes you more comfortable with our products and all Japanese green tea.

Are your products safe for diabetics?

Green Tea +C: Sugar-free & safe for diabetics
Mints: Sugar free, but sorbitol is a carbohydrate. Safe in normal amounts. Excess may affect blood sugar, as most carbs do.
Green Tea Lattes: Sweetened with coconut sugar, which has a low glycemic index, the American Diabetes Association says it’s a- ok for diabetics.

How much caffeine is in your products?

As a point of reference, one 8oz cup of coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine.
Green Tea +C: 10 mg per packet
Mints: 0.25 mg per mint
Lattes- About 30 mg per 8 oz serving.

How do I open a wholesale account?

Fill out our super short form here, and we’ll contact you within the next business day with more information in regards to products, pricing, and minimums.

What if I need a return or exchange?

If you’re not happy or something is wrong, please give us a call at 888.4.SENCHA (736242) or shoot us an email: We’re happy to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Check out our return policy page for more info.