Green Tea +C Benefits

Daily Wellness from Whole Food Ingredients 


Our First Ingredient is Green Tea, Not Sugar

How many lumps of sugar are in your fizzy drink? Organic, whole leaf green tea joins forces with vitamin C-rich Acerola cherry, and a traditional immune support blend of ginger, turmeric, and orange peel; daily wellness from real food ingredients, not synthetic vitamins. Other effervescent vitamin C drinks are often composed primarily of sugar- which is just about the last thing you need when you feel a cold coming on. We start with premium green tea, real, whole food ingredients, and finish with a touch of stevia, for a naturally sugar-free alternative.

Organic Green Tea Powder

Packed with way more nutrients than green tea in a bag, whole-leaf matcha and sencha are the core of this immune support drink. The same tea used for centuries by Zen monks and samurai warriors- we'll stick with what works. Green tea has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties, helping protect illnesses that enter through the nose and mouth, like the common cold, strep throat, and influenza.

Nutrition from Nature

Synthetic vitamins are considered by many to be "scientifically identical" to those found in nature, but the body has trouble absorbing them, as they do not register as food in our system. Synthetic vitamins are missing the components that make a vitamin, well, a vitamin; nutrients are isolated and the vitamin compound is separated from the other components whereas, naturally occurring vitamins are made up of many different elements- enzymes, co-enzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, and activators that work together to make complete, whole food nutrition. Here's a rundown of what makes up our Green Tea +C: 

Acerola Cherry is the “C” in our Green Tea +C. This tiny fruit resembles a cherry tomato, and contains more Vitamin C by weight than an orange, as opposed to ascorbic acid (a synthetic ingredient added to many foods to replace lost vitamin C).

Ginger, Turmeric & Orange Peel An herbal blend traditionally used for immune support.

Farm Grown vs. Factory Made Ingredients

We make a point of getting our ingredients from farms, not factories. Whenever possible, we work directly with growers, and only work with those distributors who source directly from farms.




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