Matcha Lemonade

Cool off this summer with our refreshing
Matcha Lemonade Mix!

Stay Cool All Summer!

Now’s the time to stock your pantry for the summer.  It’s time to celebrate summer! Cool off this summer without the sugary drinks. Matcha Lemonade is refreshing and overflowing with antioxidants. Take care of your health & stay cool all summer long.

Step 1  1 TBSP Matcha Iced tea MixStep 2 add 6oz water and iceStep 3  Mix & Enjoy! 

Refreshing Matcha Lemonade is just a mix away!

Step 1:  1 TBSP Matcha Iced Tea Mix
Step 2:  Add 6-8oz water and ice
Step 3:  Mix & Enjoy!

Our Matcha Lemonade mix is 15% off this month only.

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