Give Wellness for the Holidays!

This holiday season there's a green tea gift for everyone on your list! The matcha fanatic, your bff or even a good office white elephant gift! Don't settle for last minute gifts and gift cards!

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October 01, 2018


Focus on Fall Wellness!

Fall Pick-Me-Up

We believe that nutrition should come from whole food ingredients, versus synthetic vitamins. Whole leaf green tea, acerola cherry, and supporting herbs to help you stay well. Save 15% off Green Tea +C all month!

Get Ready for Flu Season

Drop the sugary, fizzy Vitamin C drinks. With colder weather brings strong germs. Sugar only feeds these germs instead of helping you fight them off. Our Green Tea +C combines powerful antioxidants with vitamin C to get your immune system ready. We source our vitamin C from acerola cherries, not artificial sources. Don't be fooled by their small size, these cherries pack in (10x) the amount of vitamin C compared to an orange. Coconut water helps with hydration which is key to feeling your best. The immune system supporting Vitamin C plus the hydrating properties of coconut mixed with the antioxidants and energy matcha gives you, you'll be feeling your best! 

Immune Support + Energy + Hydration 

Green Tea +C is best used for daily wellness or when you're just beginning to feel under the weather, but it can be used for so much more! Feeling tired? The matcha in Green Tea +C and hydrating power of coconut water will push you through a good workout or an afternoon slump! 

Great for the Office

When one person gets sick, everyone gets sick. Great to keep in your office kitchen to spread wellness instead of the flu! 

Shop 15% off Green Tea +C! 


Back to School Matcha!

Our Story

Our love for matcha was inspired by the travels and goals of our founder, David Kerdoon. While traveling through Asia, David immersed himself in the culture. While there, he was inspired by the extensive use of matcha in Japan. David began to think of different ways this could be integrated into unique products he was seeing all the benefits that matcha had firsthand. Upon returning to America, he noticed people were really only drinking green tea. They were missing out on so many more potential benefits!

At Sencha Naturals, we create Matcha inspired products! We source our Matcha directly from Organic Japanese tea farms. We believe in Green tea For All so we source the highest quality matcha for the best price.

Back to School with Matcha by your Side

Save 15% on all our products this month! 

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We're Kosher Certified!

Green Tea For All means we want to make our products available for everyone! We're happy to announce all sencha naturals products are now proudly certified kosher by Kosher LA! 

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August 01, 2018


15% off all Matcha On-the-Go

Matcha Travels, All Summer Long!

Turn on the out of office and get packing! Even though summer may be winding down, now’s the best time to take those vacation days and adventure somewhere new before the fall. Life can be stressful enough, so take the stress out of traveling! A well planned, well-packed trip is the perfect combo to help you de-stress and come back feeling recharged.

For a long roadtrip: Matcha Latte Stick Packs

Travel with matcha lattesPull out the map and pick those rest stops- road trips are a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Long days on the road can make you tired, which is why our road trip essential is our Everyday Matcha Latte stick packs. Grab your reusable water bottle and drop a packet in—you’ve got the recipe for staying focused on the road. Matcha can help increase concentration and provide an energy boost with no crash later! It’s the perfect road trip companion. As a bonus, matcha lattes pair well with any road trip tunes you might be blasting.

If You’re Going to Unplug: Green Tea +C

Green tea +CWhether you like to adventure to campsites or, if you’re a bit more hardcore, backpacking into the unknown wilderness, matcha travels right alongside. To keep up healthy in the great outdoors, we enjoy Green Tea +C. With more vitamin C than an orange, the acerola cherry in Green Tea +C pumps up your immune system to take on anything in the wild. We mixed this with our organic shade-grown matcha, which aids in supporting your body with much-needed antioxidants from all your time in the sun. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals in your body which can help aid with the signs of aging. With a strong immune system and an antioxidant boost, you can really stop and smell the flowers on your next outdoor adventure.

If You’re Searching for Luxury: Green Tea+C & Matcha Stick Packs

A great way to de-stress is to completely disconnect and enter an all-inclusive vacation to end your summer. Whether you’re going tropical or desert, you’ll want to stay healthy on your vacation. Matcha Latte Stick Packs and Green Tea +C slide perfectly into any carry-on, making you feel less guilty about over packing for a 3 day weekend. Green Tea +C adds immune fighting ingredients like acerola cherry and hydrating coconut water powder to keep your immune system in tip-top shape while you’re soaking up the rays. Coconut water powder will keep you hydrated after any other beverages you may have while you’re de-stressing, poolside.

If You’re Working On-the-Go: Pocket Mints! 

Sometimes the end of summer means business trips! Between client meetings and lots of client lunches and dinners, pop a pocket mint to keep your breath fresh and snag a quick daily dose of matcha. Matcha powder also helps by killing bacteria that cause bad breath, to get to the root of the cause and improve dental hygiene. Never say no to a garlic-heavy dinner again, matcha mints have you covered.

For the traveler, all our matcha on-the-go is 15% off. Grab your favorite flavors today to be the best well-packed traveler on the road!

Shop Travel-Ready Matcha


July 01, 2018


Ice Ice matcha!

All of your favorites over ice! 

We add matcha to just about anything! Smoothies, acai bowls, even brownies! But when the weather is sweltering, we like to escape the heat of the kitchen and get a little more creative with the ways we incorporate matcha into our daily routines. Preheating ovens in July is not how we want to spend those hot summer days!

While you’re relaxing on your days off, take your matcha latte to the beach to chill out. Choose from on the rocks or blended, pour into your favorite stainless steel tumbler and you’re out the door. Our favorite smoothie recipe for a relaxing beach day can be whipped up in a matter of minutes!

 Shop Organic Matcha!

Matcha Lattes on the Rocks! 

Some like it hot, but we prefer it ice cold! That’s why we love the versatility of our matcha latte mix. Change the way you enjoy your matcha with the seasons. Stay cool with one of our Everyday Matcha Latte flavors chilled to perfection on a hot summer day.

For summer, we especially enjoy our mango matcha latte mix. Mango Matcha will transport you so you feel like you’re hanging out on your own island, complete with a drink in hand. Blend it in your favorite stainless steel mug for ultimate chill during the day and don’t forget to pack your reusable straw!

Some summer days simplicity is best, which is when we reach for our original flavored matcha! Packed with antioxidant goodness, our original matcha flavor is the perfect transition between seasons. It blends as well as our mango for an ever-refreshing mid-afternoon pick me up during heat waves. Who knew matcha could be so refreshing and healthy at the same time?

Along with its deliciously refreshing flavor over ice, we never use artificial sweeteners in our matcha mixes. Sugary drinks won’t help quench your thirst during the day - which is why we only use unrefined coconut sugar. You’ll feel refreshed and full of energy!

Shop Matcha Lattes!


Energy+ Hydration + Immunity! 

Take all that newfound energy and use matcha to fuel your workouts! Our wellness beverage is the perfect hydration drink to either drink before your workout if you’ve been in the sun all day or to start the day off right! Our Green Tea +C blends hydrating coconut water powder to quench your thirst and keep you feeling hydrated all day long. With vitamin C and matcha, you’ll have unmatched energy without the jitters. Shake it up with ice for the ultimate pre-workout!


Shop Green Tea +C 


Matcha with a Twist! 

Shop Matcha Lemonade!



June 16, 2018


We're Making it Official!

We’re Official: Officially USDA Organic Certified!

What this means: We have the seal of Organic Certified approval. Our current process for ensuring quality ingredients and handling was reviewed and we have the certified stamp to prove it. The same great quality you’ve always known, now it’s official.  

We’ve Taken the Next Step

Organic matcha has always been the staple behind our products. We care about the ingredients and use the highest quality Japanese matcha. Our process of raw material handling and our facility was approved by the USDA Certified Organic and we’re excited to share the news! While we have always stood behind the quality of our product, now we have more back up to support us.Organic Matcha new packaging!

A Peek Into Packaging  

While the outside of our products may look slightly different, to us, it’s what’s on the inside that matters most. If you’re already are a fan of our everyday matcha, be prepared to love it more. While the price is being lowered our quality sure isn’t.

This means you can enjoy your matcha a little more, knowing that you’re supporting your health and well being with the same 100% organic Japanese matcha tea that you’ve always loved, just at a lower price.  

Quality Counts

Quality has always been one of the most important aspects of our company. We love providing you with access to the highest quality matcha available and we enjoy sharing that quality promise with you!

Shop Organic Matcha  


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