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Pure Premium Matcha powder 1oz

Our Mighty Matcha

As a delicious tea and adaptable ingredient, matcha has many benefits ranging from simple deliciousness to its built-in immune and wellness boosts. It can provide the perfect blend of energy and concentration for studying, enhance the flavor profile of a meal, or kick your metabolism into gear after enjoying that meal.

Is Your Tea Up to The Task?

Take advantage of matcha’s amazing benefits by working it into all the parts of your day. Blend into your green smoothie for a little morning boost; stir it into a warm latte to get you through that afternoon slump, or treat yourself to a matcha donut. The sky's the limit.

Green Tea For All

We believe so strongly in the unmatched power of matcha that we've made it the center of everything we create from lattes, mints, and immune support, to just a really good cup of tea. That's why we started the Green Tea for All initiative, to promote a greater ease of use and accessibility when it comes to matcha.  This starts with lower pricing on all our Organic Matcha powder. Now anyone can see what makes our rich green tea a well-rounded complement to any dish or drink.

News You’re Bound to Love a Latte

To make our matcha even more accessible, we're lowering its price, making it an even better value, and a must-have in any kitchen cabinet. With this new pricing comes a complete matcha makeover. Not only are we lowering our price, we're renaming our culinary matcha. This versatile grade will now be called everyday matcha, which it truly is.

A Peek into the Packaging

While the outside may look different, it's what's on the inside that matters. If you already love our everyday matcha, get ready to love it more, because while the price is being lowered, the quality certainly isn't. That means you can enjoy it just a little more, knowing that you're supporting your health and wellbeing with the same 100% organic Japanese matcha that you've always loved, just at a lower price.

For ideas on what to make with your new matcha, visit our recipe page.

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April 01, 2018


Take the #Matcha Challenge!

Energy & wellness without the caffeine crash! 

Our 2-Week Matcha Challenge is perfect for anyone that wants to see increased energy without the jitters that you get from coffee. In addition, the powerful Antioxidants in pure matcha have been known to have you feeling your best, keep skin clear and help fight free-radicals in your body.


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  2. Add Matcha to your morning routine every day for 2 weeks! We love sipping it pure or you can add it to smoothies, smoothie bowls, juice or anything you can think of! Learn how simple it is to make matcha like a pro. Featured: Everyday Matcha Starter Set: $19.95
  3. After 2 weeks you'll receive an exclusive BOGO deal for 1LB of matcha for you and a friend (or just yourself~ treat yourself!).
  4. Be sure to tag us in your posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @SenchaNaturals, and use the #matchachallenge so we can see your progress!

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March 05, 2018


2 Week Matcha Challenge!

Ditch the coffee and try matcha for 2 weeks, be enlightened and have energy without the jittersTake the 2-week Matcha Challenge!

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March 01, 2018


March Matcha Madness

All Products mints, lattes and matcha

Take the 2-Week Matcha Challenge click here

Why We’re Mad for Matcha

We love the versatility of matcha, and we know you will too once you get your hands on it! But let’s revisit: Why do we love matcha so much? Why is matcha and an amazing addition to any health routine?

Matcha is shade grown green tea where the bright green leaves are steamed, dried and then ground into a fine powder. This results in matcha retaining all its nutrients and, due to its powdered state, being incredibly versatile as well. We enjoy sipping a cup of pure matcha to keep us energized throughout the day. Lattes, mints, and baking with matcha adds a little dose of wellness into most all of our kitchen creations.

A powerful antioxidant, matcha added to your wellness routine can help fight free radicals, keeping you feeling and looking your best. If you normally need coffee in the mornings to get your focus honed, matcha is a favorite replacement for the old cup of joe. Helping to increase your focus and improve your memory, the nutrient-dense matcha will overall help to boost your brain.

Matcha LatteMatcha-licious Lattes!

Our matcha latte mix is great for those first time matcha drinkers or a sweet treat for the experienced matcha sipper. Blending easily hot or iced, you can enjoy your matcha on cozy Sunday mornings or on your way to work during the work week.

Sometimes we enjoy keeping it simple with our Original Matcha Latte. Other times we feel bolder, maybe Cacao Coconut or Tropical Mango!

Our newest matcha flavor blends the best of both worlds. When coconut meets cacao, an explosive flavor combination erupts. Tropical coconut provides a sweet flavor, blended with rich cacao, finished off with grassy notes of matcha.

Mints in teapotMatcha On-the-Go!

Wherever you go, bring matcha with you. Our sugar-free mints come in canisters and our coconut sugar sweetened mints come in eco-friendly tubes. They’re easy to share and easy to pack into any bag. With a variety of different flavors including Dragonfruit, Cardamom Cinnamon, and Cacao coconut there’s a flavor for everyone!

Green Tea +CMatcha + Wellness!

We believe that nutrition should come from whole food ingredients, not synthetic vitamins. Whole leaf green tea, acerola cherry, and supporting herbs to help you stay well. 

Everyday MatchaMarch Matcha Madness

For the month of March, all matcha is 15% off! It’s matcha madness! Follow us on social media and keep up on our blog to learn more about or Matcha Madness Challenge this month! 

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February 01, 2018



Cacao Coconut Mints + LattesMatcha Made in Heaven

It’s love at first sip. Creamy, indulgent cacao sweeps you off your feet while tropical coconut delivers you on the island oasis you’ve been dreaming of. The grassy notes of matcha bring you back to your next sip. It’s the matcha combination you never realized was missing until now. Cacao Coconut is here in both our Matcha Latte mix and in mints!

Be Prepared to Fall in Love

We wanted to re-imagine our matcha blends and find something unique, perfectly sweet and packed full of healthy nutrients. This led us straight to cacao and coconut, bringing together our most unique and delicious flavor combination yet! The chocolate flavor in the latte blends together with one of our signature flavors, coconut, making it taste as though you’re sipping your favorite hot chocolate. Only there’s no refined sugars and tons of good-for-you vitamins! Cacao Coconut comes in mint form as well, with a slight twist to the flavor. A mint fit for dessert, it will leave your breath fresh with the slight hint of minty fresh on the finish. They’re so good, you’ll want to reach for one more!

Sweet Deal

We chose high-quality cacao. Normal cocoa powder undergoes chemical processing and roasting, which in turn, strips the cacao plant of antioxidants and flavanols. Both of these lost nutrients help to support a younger, healthier you. Raw cacao has an amazing nutrient dense profile. With up to 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries, source of iron, and packed full of magnesium which helps support a healthy heart and brain, there’s a lot of health packed into this delicious treat.

Perfect for Two

Bring Cacao Coconut Mints to share after a dinner or if you need a mid-day sweet treat! Our mints are a favorite for sharing. Our Cacao Coconut mints blend together the sweet indulgence of chocolate with the tropical breeze of coconut, finished off by a tingling mint sensation. These mints will leave your breath fresh for hours as well as satisfy your sweet tooth without any added sugars!

Share the Love

For the chocolate or coconut lover in your life, share Cacao Coconut Matcha Latte Mix & Mints with them! In the month of February, everything Cacao Coconut flavor is 20% off.

Share the love with a friend! 

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January 01, 2018


New Year, New You!

It’s time to set your goals for the new year. Whether that’s to resolve to be healthier or to finally complete that project you’ve been working on, January is the time to reset and re-focus. With flu season here, it’s easy to catch a cold after the busy holiday season. Instead of choosing a sugar-laden fizzy drink, opt for something that will support your immune system! Green Tea +C combines natural immune supporting ingredients with matcha to provide everything you need in order to fight any cold.

Ginger Goodness

Although we love to enjoy ginger on its own, we use ginger in our Green Tea +C recipe for its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is also naturally anti-bacterial, so it can help support your immune system fight off foreign invaders. This way you can start your year off healthy, knowing you have the immune support to back you up.

Amazing Acerola

When we think vitamin C, we typically think oranges. While oranges do provide a great dose of vitamin C, we’ve found its powerhouse counterpart, the acerola cherry. Packed with more vitamin C than an orange, this tiny but mighty cherry gives your immune system about 300% the daily value of vitamin C.

Mix It All with Matcha

Matcha is our staple immune support favorite. Antioxidant rich, green tea supports overall healthy body functions while helping to fight free radicals. This takes the pressure off your immune system so our other natural cold fighting ingredients can help you feel better in no time. Green Tea is also beneficial overall in strengthens your immune system. Even if you’re feeling your best, enjoying a cup of Green Tea +C will help keep your immune system strong and functioning properly. Plus, it’ll give you a nice energy boost to tackle your New Year goals.

We use only whole food ingredients, never artificial ingredients, and we ditched the sugar and replaced it with natural sweeteners. For your immune system to perform at its top function, ingredients like sugar just slow it down. When using natural ingredients that are laden with vitamins, there’s no need to add artificial ones. Natural immune support tastes great and promotes healthy immune function. It’s a win-win for your New Year.

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15% Off Pure Matcha

Our Premium Matcha Powder and Culinary Matcha Powder are also powerful aids to have on hand when your immune system goes south. Both are of the highest quality and each is the perfect compliment to either your morning drink routine or to your favorite baking treat. Replace your morning coffee with a homemade matcha latte, or just mix with water and enjoy! There are so many ways to add a boost of wellness with matcha we love adding it to smoothies and our favorite baked goods. Your immune system and overall health will thank you!

For good recipe ideas look at some of our favorite recipes!

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December 01, 2017


‘Tis the Season for Giving!

While you’re decking the halls and prepping for a whirlwind holiday season, you’ll realize that there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Before the holidays are here, don’t forget to make your list and check it twice. We think you’ll find the perfect matcha for everyone on your list. 

Each year, we like to get together and round up our staff favorites to make the crazy holiday season seem less daunting so that you can enjoy more of what matters—time with family and friends! While delicious meals and sweet treats are afoot, from matcha lattes to mints, we provide healthy alternatives to keep your energy up, your focus alert, and your health a priority. Shop our gift guide.

From staff picks to Secret Santa gifts, here are a few of our favorites from the collection of delicious matcha gifts. They’re gifts with the perfect matcha in mind!

For the Office Secret Santa

Huge Hit: Everyday Matcha Gift Set

Our Everyday Matcha Latte gift set is perfect for those who are new to matcha but have been wanting to try it. Gift it during your next company holiday party. Getting the office hooked on matcha is easy when the Everyday Matcha kit comes complete with everything for a hot, frothy cup of matcha fit for a Japanese Emperor.

Complete with a stainless steel whisk, 1 oz Everyday Matcha packet, and a bright matcha green mug, it’s the perfect replacement to your coworker’s morning coffee routine.

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For Your Matcha Partner in Crime

They’ll love: Teapot Gift Set

Whether it goes on their desk at work or on the end table in the living room, the Teapot Gift Set is the perfect gift for your matcha loving friend. Our gift set comes complete with a hand-blown glass teapot and four of our favorite mint flavors. The teapot is easy to refill—simply remove the lid and fill with the mints you want to share.

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Stocking Sized Matcha

Perfect fit: Eco-Tube Gift Set

Not only do our Matcha Mints harness the power of matcha into tiny mints, but we package them in our Eco-Friendly tubes. Made from 100% recycled material, these tubes are great for the environment for their entire life cycle, even post use! Packed inside, you’ll have a collection of favorite matcha flavors to try from ginger lemongrass to cardamom cinnamon.

Our Eco-Friendly Gift Set comes with eight tubes. It’s the perfect to gift together or for a small thinking-of-you gift this holiday season!

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Fan Favorite Green Tea Mints

We love: Canister Gift Set

Complete with some of our original favorites, the Canister Gift Set is perfect for your boss, your mother-in-law, or anyone else on your list you’re not quite sure what to gift this season!

Our Matcha Mints are antioxidant powerhouses, with green tea aiming to help improve focus, provide more energy, and fight free radicals. Plus, the gift set comes complete with six different mint flavors to try. It’s all wrapped up and ready to gift!

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Check out our Holiday Gift Guide

We have more gifts to give this holiday season, check out our Holiday Gift Guide for all gifts that are 15% off from now through the end of December! 

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