Meet The Team


Chief Enlightenment Officer

David is the founder & CEO of Sencha Naturals. His vision brought the company to fruition, bringing his love of green tea to unique products like mints, vegan lattes, and wellness drinks. He keeps the staff inspired by throwing communal Thai lunches and occasionally taking us out for some hiking or go-kart racing. He’s also a bit of a prankster, but the rest of us are always two steps ahead. David likes his green tea any way, anytime, anywhere.


Operations Enlightenment

Like a personal trainer, Desiree keeps SEN CHA fit by making sure everything is coming in, going out and the office is humming. She is the head of operations and kindly keeps the staff on their toes. Desiree enjoys spending time with her family and her favorite tea is Hibiscus Pomegranate White Tea.


Creative Technologist

If there is a creative or technical solution to be had, Ryan will figure it out. Ryan has a background in advertising, website development, graphic design and photography. He has worked with clients large and small and now brings his experience, creativity and organization to our team.  In the realm of tea, Ryan enjoys some matcha lemonade for a tangy afternoon refreshment.


Sales Enlightenment

Mei is the perfect person to talk to about wholesale accounts, store support and ordering our green tea creations. She works to develop wholesale promotions, sales tools and can educate you on our full line of products. Mei loves our Mango Green Tea Lattes and when she’s not helping customers, she’s out and about collecting movie figurines.


Customer Enlightenment

Need to place an order? Stephanie takes care of you from the time you call to when your order goes out the door. She also assists customers online and keeping our finances in order. Stephanie now enjoys a spicy chai tea after having drank all the Genmaicha in the office.


Design Enlightenment

Monique puts her creative touch on many things at Sencha Naturals including packaging design, marketing materials, social media and monthly promotions. She brings a fresh perspective to the creative and marketing team along with her love of jasmine green tea.


Quality Control

Angel keeps a close eye on our green tea creations from start to finish. From checking on raw materials, inspecting the manufacturing process and ensuring everything is made to the highest standards following BRC guidelines. Angel also requires nothing but the best quality of green tea for drinking and is most often seen with a mug of our vegan matcha latte.


Logistics Enlightenment

Erick handles all the shipping & receiving, making sure our green tea mints get to our enlightened customers all over the world, on time. Erick is in the habit of having a morning cup of loose leaf green tea.


Product Development Enlightenment

Andree is a French culinary chef and the flavor formulator behind the many SEN CHA mint varieties. When in need of inspiration, she calls on her dog Miska for a rousing game of fetch to get the mental juices flowing. We’re reluctant to admit we can’t replace her French press, but we love her nonetheless. C’est l’amour, c’est la vie.